In Maryland

We’re fairly settled here in Salisbury, MD. The original plan was to be on the road by end of March. It’s looking like maybe end of April instead. That’s okay, though. Just minor setback and nothing I can’t handle. Trying to get things sorted here, and then I’ll be able to start saving again for a vehicle.

Trying to catch up on work for now. Lots of edits/proofs in the wings, not to mention writing to do.

This also gives us more time to spend with Nadia and Al. Nadia got her learner’s permit Friday, so we’ll be working on teaching her more on the road now. 😀

Anyway, saving up for my van/truck now. I’m dying to get on the road full-time. Crowded/cluttered here, but it’s only temporary.

I’ve uploaded/shared lots of pics of our trek up here on my Instagram. Go check ’em out!


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